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Working Texas Writer is a website wholly owned by Redd Publishing, LLC. It is written by Jo Ann LeQuang who is a real writer and who has survived her entire career (over 20 years) by writing for a living. Sometimes this work pays better than others, but Working Texas Writer is about how writers can find ways to make it work. All of us at Redd Publishing are particularly excited about the Internet and the opportunities it presents to people who want to write for a living and also not live out of their car.

Redd Publishing is located in Angleton, Texas, in the heart of the fast food district. If you want to contact us, try us at ReddSupportGuy at gmail dot com. We write it like that to foil the scrapers that grab our email addresses and then spam us.

The goal of Working Texas Writer is to inspire and provide insight and ideas to new writers, potential writers, and veteran writers all looking for a place to talk shop.

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